Train in God's Word

Why Study With Us?

We recognise there are many people who have a strong passion to grow more in their relationship with Christ, their knowledge of the Word and the power that comes with it. We also know that many people want their relationship to progress from mere head-knowledge to heart-knowledge, yet don’t know where to start. Lastly, we recognise there are those who sense a strong calling on their lives to go into the full-time 5-fold ministry, yet lack the knowledge or skill needed to practically step into their calling.

Whether you are the person simply wanting a deeper relationship with Christ, or the person wanting to impact those around you by telling them about the love of Christ, or whether you are the person hungry for more, ready to step into full-time ministry, Faith Global Institute was birthed specifically with all these people in mind. FGI’s desire is to train people in God’s Word and in the ways of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of launching a new wave of anointed leaders into their own communities.

Recognize a Calling

How we approach learning

Students will be academically trained in the uncompromised Word of God, practically trained through ‘hands-on ministry’ in a sense, through the online teaching platform, touched and changed by the Spirit of God, and ignited by the Fire of God to make an effective impact on their generation for Christ through a greater understanding and revelation of His Word.
Come as you are!

About Faith Global Institute

We equip you with the tools you need to grow in God’s Word to be the person God has purposed you to be.
A place where you can tap into the unexplored potential within you!

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