Degree in Divinity (DID) – Module 12

Course Prerequisite(s)

Degree in Divinity (DID) – Module 12

Course Prerequisite(s)


The DID programme is your last module in obtaining your bachelor degree in divinity. By now you have gain various knowledge on being a victorious believer, how to run an effective ministry, recognise the call and successfully run the race set before you. This module is where you will use all the knowledge gained throughout modules 1-11, complete a thesis, orally defend your thesis in front of a panel, and lastly put a ministry business plan together.

This DID program is measured in academic credit hours. Academic credit hours are transferable from one post-secondary institution to another and are subject to the guidelines and restrictions of the post-secondary institution that receives the credits.

In order to complete the Bachelor Degree in Divinity, the student needs to complete an additional 20 credits added to the ADM course for a total of 120 credits towards the degree. These 20 credits are made up in Module 12, consisting of a Thesis and Ministry Business Plan.  (Here Module 10 and 11’s classes come into play. You will need to use what you have learned in order to put your ministry business plan together.)

What Will I Learn?

  • 20 credits

Topics for this course

5 Lessons

BDD/TH: Thesis?

The purpose of this THESIS (not essay) is to persuade by reasoned discourse. The Thesis consists of an argument or a series of arguments combined with the description and discussion of research the student has undertaken in order to advance ideas. Its value as an instructional tool is to assist students in developing their critical thinking skills.
Thesis Requirements and Related Documentation00:00:00
Session 1: Thesis Part 100:51:15
Session 2: Thesis Part 200:47:00

ADM/PBP: Preparation of a Ministry Business Plan

BDD/THO: Thesis Oral Defense?

Provide the student with an opportunity to defend their thesis by replying to criticism towards their arguments, and by enabling examiners to clarify issues or challenges in the thesis.

BDD/BP: Business Plan?

Students have been taught the principles and techniques of creating a business plan though modules 10 and 11. Now you are challenged to do research, draw up a professional business plan, and present it to an academic panel.

About the instructors

Ron Videler


Ron had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home and by the age of 7 gave his life to Jesus Christ. He was Holy Spirit filled, and water baptized by the age of 8. His parents, Bert and Linda went into full time ministry while he was still a teenager, and it was actually in one of their church services where he knew he would go into full-time ministry one day.

Ron matriculated in 1989.  He studied Electrical Engineering (light current) at the University of Technology Cape Town. After completing his degree he worked in the medical field installing, training & repairing HIV, pregnancy and decease-testing equipment all over South Africa. During this time he also completed 2 years of Bible School, which eventually propelled him to get his Masters of Christian Education in 2013.

In March 1998, Ron got married to Natasha whom he met through Bible school. 2 years later they answered the call of God to join the River Group in East London, South Africa, incorporating River Ministries and Faith Broadcasting Network as pastors. They served as pastors with many different responsibilities, including the developing of an evening Bible school and later the three year full-time degreed Bible School.

Ron’s passion to equip people has led him to become director of education.

Ron and Natasha have three boys, Reuel, Ronan and the youngest Raphael. He is a family man and loves playing squash with his boys.  Reuel has represented South Africa in squash and the other two boys their province at some point.

Carl Davis


DMiss, MDiv, LTh, BMin

Experience:  Dr Davis has spent many years in the Academic field, firstly as Lecturer and later as the Rector of a Bible School who had students in more than 36 Countries.

He lectured in 13 different Countries, not only in Theology, but also on subjects like Management and Leadership.

He is also a graduate of the University of Stellenbosch's Facilitative Leadership Programme.

He is a SETA accredited Facilitator and Assessor and has published 19 books (so far!).

Dr Carl is Married to Ronel Davis and they have 2 sons, Kevin and Brent Davis.

Greg Clur


Greg is a born and bred East Londoner and was schooled throughout his school years at Selborne Primary and then Selborne College. In 1981 he commenced his university experience and read for a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. He completed a post graduate Higher Diploma in Accountancy and finally qualified as a Chartered Accountant after passing the Public Accountants and Auditors’ Board examination in 1986.

Greg completed three years articles with Deloitte Touche in Sandton Johannesburg, served in the military for an 18 month period and then commenced a career as a practicing accountant and tax practitioner for 13 years in a family business named after his father called, Graham Clur and Associates.

In February 2003, Greg answered the call of God to come to Christian ministry and he joined the River Group in East London, South Africa, incorporating River Ministries and Faith Broadcasting Network as the chief financial officer of the group.

Greg has developed a passion for teaching students, especially in areas relating to potential, leadership and the process of bringing young visions to reality and fulfillment. He also teaches extensively on business principles and the effective stewardship of Christian ministry.

Greg is married to Juanita (then Roebert) and has two married children. A daughter Jade, who is married to Chad Spencer and reside in Elmira, New York State, United States of America and Niall, who is married to Tayla and are currently the young adults’ pastors of River Ministries.

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