Certificate in Ministry (CIM) – Module 2

Course Prerequisite(s)

Certificate in Ministry (CIM) – Module 2

Course Prerequisite(s)


  1. The Fgi CIM programme is designed for those who would like to pursue an in-depth study of the Bible and experience the glory of God. This programme is not just for those who feel called to be a full-time minister, but also for those who simply desire to have a deeper understanding of the Word of God and to learn how to apply it to their daily lives.

Persons enrolled in this programme who successfully complete all 4 Required Modules, will receive a Certificate in Ministry.
This course can take 6 -12 months to complete, depending on the amount of time spent studying daily – on average 1-3 hours of dedicated study time/day is required to complete this course in under 12 months.
This CIM program is measured in academic credit hours. Academic credit hours are transferable from one post-secondary institution to another and are subject to the guidelines and restrictions of the post-secondary institution that receives the credits.

In order to complete the CIM, a total of 30 credits are required, these 30 credits are made up of  modules 1-4, each module consisting of about 3-4 subjects.

What Will I Learn?

  • 8 credits

Topics for this course

75 Lessons80h

DIM/NCR: New Creation Realities?

Course Description: To investigate the Hidden man of the Heart, the spirit man, according to the great plan of redemption. Our purpose is to scripturally unveil who we are in Christ through the new birth; what He says we are and what He had made us to be in the great redemptive work largely found in the Epistles. II. Course Objective: At the completion of this course the student should have a greater understanding of the new creation man according to the redemptive work of Christ. III. Course Requirements: 1. Read the entire book, “New Creation Realities” by E.W. Kenyon. There will be questions on the midterm and final exams based upon the book and extra notes, make sure to pay attention to important stuff. 2. A Midterm Exam will be administered. 3. A Final Exam will be administered. Final Exam questions will cover the entire course. IV. Grading: 1. The midterm will account for 50% of your final grade. 2. The final exam will account for 50% of your final grade.
New Creation Realities -Syllabus00:00:00
Session 0100:36:48
Session 0200:38:29
Session 0300:36:26
Session 0400:39:55
Session 0500:36:56
Session 0600:41:10
Session 0700:41:28
Session 0800:39:38
New Creation Realities Test- Mid Term
Session 0900:40:48
Session 1000:41:36
Session 1100:38:00
Session 1200:37:18
Session 1300:30:52
New Creation Realities Test- Final Exam

CIM/CH: Church History?

The purpose of this course is to help you become familiar with the periods of Church history, important leaders, significant issues, great movements, and the characteristics of the True Church. Emphasis will be given to the Pentecostal/ Charismatic movements that have arisen since the book of Acts, and have continued throughout history to the present day.

DIM/OF: One Flesh?

This course is designed to give the believer an understanding of what it is to become one with someone. It's outworking negatively if done in the flesh, or positively if done according to the Word of God.

DIM/CH: Christ the Healer?

This course will help to establish, from the scriptures, that it is God’s will to heal all today and to correct wrong thinking about certain passages of scripture misunderstood by those who oppose divine healing.

About the instructors

Naledi Murphy


Naledi was born in a very small town called Matatiele, and then raised in East London. A young woman who got saved at the age of 9 years old and found the love of a Father, in her Heavenly Father. Her journey of faith in Jesus and the Holy Spirit has enabled her to live a life of purpose, knowing that she can cast all her cares on Him, for He cares for her and this became her solid rock.

She is Passionate about preaching the Word of God to young people.

She studies at the River Bible Institute (Africa) from 2016-2018 and Graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity Degree. She currently serves at the RBI Admin office on a full time basis and is one of the Bible school Lecturers, She is also a Trained Mission Trip Leader, Young Adults Leader and Youth Leader.

She got married to Wayne Murphy in January of 2021

Kevin Davis


Doctor of Ministry (D.Min). Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA in 2016.

Background:  Serving in full-time ministry since 2007.

Position:  Senior pastor at Dominion church Stellenbosch

Kevin and his wife, Chantell, got married in 2008 and are parents to four boys.  Their life-long commitment is to transform the lives of people by helping them discover and their identity, purpose and destiny and to shake cities and nations across the world with the message of faith and the demonstration of the supernatural power of God.

Bert Videler


Bert was born in Rotterdam, Holland.  After completing High School and serving in the Dutch air force he had a desire to immigrate to South Africa. This he did soon after getting married to Linda. He started work in 1968 at Atlas Aircraft Corporation in Gauteng.

In 1976 his wife Linda accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour, and this messed his life up a bit. Not long afterward he too accepted Jesus into his live. With absolute commitment they surrender everything to Him, and said they would pay whatever cost to serve God. Bert and Linda ended up pioneering a Mission Church in Stormsvlei, this was amongst the farm labourers on a wine route. Here they saw how God by His love took whole families out of drunkenness, meaningless lives and transforming them into successful individuals. In the year 1996 they even experienced a major revival in the community. Farmers and farm labourers worshipping God under one roof, school teachers and students sitting under a tree on campus, weeping as the presence touched them all.

River Ministries asked them to relocate to East London in the year 2000 where they are still serving as shepherding pastors.

After 50 odd years of marriage, and almost 40 years in full time ministry, it is still Bert’s desire to see another outpouring on this planet.

Bert and Linda raised two boys. The oldest Ron, is now in full-time ministry and runs the education division in the same Ministry where they are at. Their other son Edwin, runs a successful lung practice in Cape Town. They are oupa and ouma of 5 grandchildren.

Linda Videler


Linda was born in Rotterdam, Holland where she finished High School. At the age of 21 she got married to Bert and in that very same year immigrated to South Africa.

In 1976 Linda accepted Christ in her life. She completed numerous Bible base courses and eventually with Bert uprooted from Pretoria to join a Christian Community life in the Western Cape. God then called Bert and Linda to pioneer a Mission Church in Stormsvlei, this was  amongst the farm labourers on the wine route. Here they saw how God by His love took whole families out of the dungeon and placed them with princes. In the year 1996 they even experienced a major revival in their church and in communities around them

The call came in 2000 to join River Ministries, where we are now shepherding pastors and running the intercession department.

After almost 40 years in ministry, it is still my strong passion to see God's people free from any bondage and walk in all the freedom, health, wholeness, prosperity and purpose God has promised us.

They raised two boys. Our oldest Ron is now in full-time ministry and runs the education division here at River Ministries, and our other son Edwin, runs a successful lung practice in Cape Town. They have five grandchildren.

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