The Fgi ADM programme was created as a training ground for those who sense a call into the fivefold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, yet we encourage all who desire to do a deeper study into God’s Word to get straight into this course after completing the DIM.

Persons enrolled in this programme can train for ministry, pursue an intense study of the Bible, enhance their present skills, gain a deeper understanding of the things of God, learn how to better relate to people, and obtain invaluable instruction on public speaking, triumphant church, not to take offences and be a leader is spiritual matters. (CIM & DIM have to be completed before a student can enrol for ADM) Persons enrolled in this programme who successfully complete all 3 modules will receive an Associate Degree in Ministry. Students who meet all graduation requirements may participate in the FBI graduation commencement exercises in full cap and gown.

This course can take 6 -12 months to complete, depending on the amount of time spent studying daily, on average 1-3 hours of dedicated study time/day is required to complete this course in under 12 months. This DIM program is measured in academic credit hours. Academic credit hours are transferable from one post-secondary institution to another and are subject to the guidelines and restrictions of the post-secondary institution that receives the credits.

In order to complete the ADM, the student needs to complete an additional 28 credits added to the DIM course for a total of 100 credits towards your degree. These next 28 credits are made up of Modules 9-11.

What Will I Learn?

  • 10 credits

Topics for this course

56 Lessons100h

ADM/H2: Homiletics 2?

A class designed to give the student an opportunity to be exposed to public ministry and to learn the things to do and not to do while in pulpit ministry. This will be accomplished as he/she observes fellow classmates behind the pulpit, ministering.
Homiletics 2 – Syllabus00:00:00
Session 100:32:13
Session 200:32:51
Session 300:33:58
Session 400:29:37
Session 500:31:31
Session 600:31:41
Session 700:30:39
Homiletics 2 – Mid Exam
Session 800:24:27
Session 900:30:41
Session 1000:28:04
Session 1100:34:52
Homiletics 2 – Final Exam

ADM/TC: Triumphant Christian

ADM/HO: Bait of Satan / Handling Offences?

The purpose of this study is to explain how an offence occurs and to equip you with the liberating knowledge of how to deal with the situation so that you do not become ensnared.

ADM/LSM: Leadership in Spiritual Matters

About the instructors

Bande Kentane


Bande Kentane is the director of Africa operations for Faith Broadcasting Network. Born and raised in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa, he matriculated from Queen’s College Boys’ High School; furthered his studies at the University of Johannesburg (at the time ‘die Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit’ – RAU) and completed his Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting degree at Fort Hare University. He served as Toastmaster president for two separate clubs (2007-2009) and a radio presenter on a local Christian radio station, LinkFM. In 2011 he began working for Ron Kussmaul Ministries as their Africa operations administrator, whilst serving in the youth ministry of his local church, The River, and eventually becoming the youth pastor from 2012 until 2016 with his wife Thando.

2016 marked his transition to television as he served as the broadcast manager for Faith Broadcasting Network, and was later in 2018 appointed as its director. Alongside his wife, Thando, they host the television show Behind The Faith on Faith TV.

Niall Clur


Niall matriculated from Selborne College in 2014. He graduated from Nelson Mandela University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. He later graduated from Faith Bible Institute in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity. Niall has recently been positioned as the Director of Ministry of the Faith Group and alongside his wife, Tayla Clur, they also fulfil the Lead Pastoral role at Faith Church Buffalo City. He is one who dreams to see his city saved and nation changed by the power and presence of God. His desire is to see the people of God live at the level that Jesus has made available to them through the cross.

Brad Taberer


Education: Port Rex Technical High School. River Bible Institute. SA, DPC (Digital Photographic Course)

Qualifications: Graphic Designer. Photographer DPC. Bachelor of Divinity.

Experience: Hand and Eye Co-ordination Ball Skill Drills. Events planning and Race Directing. Sports Coaching (Junior, Senior and Premier Leagues).

In Brad’s own words: "I am the husband to the beautiful lady in my life Jizanne Taberer, and proud father of our precious son Samuel."

Together we run the children’s ministry at River along with a Day Care Center known as Happy Feet, where our primary focus is to impact little lives.  We are passionate about helping children live their God-given purpose. It was our greatest pains growing up, that gave us a strong conviction of purpose and birthing the vision of the children’s ministry. We are involved with lecturing and teaching KBC which is our Kidzone Bible Classes as well as producing content for our Kidzone TV show. I absolutely love spending time with my family and making memories as a family of faith as well as encouraging families that it is possible to live and walk by faith.

Ron Videler


Ron had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home and by the age of 7 gave his life to Jesus Christ. He was Holy Spirit filled, and water baptized by the age of 8. His parents, Bert and Linda went into full time ministry while he was still a teenager, and it was actually in one of their church services where he knew he would go into full-time ministry one day.

Ron matriculated in 1989.  He studied Electrical Engineering (light current) at the University of Technology Cape Town. After completing his degree he worked in the medical field installing, training & repairing HIV, pregnancy and decease-testing equipment all over South Africa. During this time he also completed 2 years of Bible School, which eventually propelled him to get his Masters of Christian Education in 2013.

In March 1998, Ron got married to Natasha whom he met through Bible school. 2 years later they answered the call of God to join the River Group in East London, South Africa, incorporating River Ministries and Faith Broadcasting Network as pastors. They served as pastors with many different responsibilities, including the developing of an evening Bible school and later the three year full-time degreed Bible School.

Ron’s passion to equip people has led him to become director of education.

Ron and Natasha have three boys, Reuel, Ronan and the youngest Raphael. He is a family man and loves playing squash with his boys.  Reuel has represented South Africa in squash and the other two boys their province at some point.

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